Graphic Design / UX / Front-End Web Development

Bronco Design is the freelance identity for John Begley,
located in Mission, KS to best serve the Kansas City metro and beyond.

Graphic Design

The field of graphic design has changed drastically over the past decade. While print will always be part of our lives, digital media has drastically reduced our dependence on it and presented a plethora of new challenges in communicating your message visually. This being said, the fundamentals of graphic design hold true in new media. My background in print design gives me the foundation to be successful in new media.

User Experience Design

Graphic design has never been exclusive to making a visually impactful piece. In print you must consider how the piece will be used and how the audience will view and interact with it. This has been taken to the next level with digital media. The user will be interacting with your piece on a flat screen, the size of which could vary drastically. The attention span of users is also incredibly short, so you have very little time to get them the information they are looking for, easily navigate no matter how large a site is, and direct them to any action you want them to take. When designing, I take all these things into account to create an experience that the user will enjoy and be successful for the client.

Front-End Web Development

In web design, it is essential to have an understanding of the code that makes it all happen. In 2011, I enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College to focus on gaining that understanding. The result was that I now know the opportunities and limitations the web offers and how to not only design, but build a successful site.